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Helping People Everywhere

Operative Spine Forum - 2017

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Bringing Healthcare to Those In Need

Our goal : Providing every person in India with the medical attention they need and deserve

Providing the Best in Medical Technology

Our principles : Do not compromise on the quality of healthcare of patients from any socio-economic class

Helping Students To Do Better

Our Plan : Help deserving students apply for, receive and finance their fellowship program abroad, which allows them to pay more attention on learning and less on stress.

Providing Access to Advanced Learning

Our Work: Our annual conferences allow Indian youth and doctors access to the most advanced surgical techniques and the latest surgical implants and instrumentations.


Developing countries like India have a vast population of people that need medical attention but cannot afford to have it. This causes an increase in their hardships which in turn affects their financial situation. The East-West MeRC Trust has a solution! We help patients get the treatment from world renowned experts in established tertiary care hospitals with cutting-edge instruments.

Our Collaboration with Doctors From Other Countries

Our Collaboration with doctors from the United States of America, Thailand, Japan and Brazil Allows Us to receive and spread information about the latest techniques and surgical instruments that are used abroad. We obtain these guidelines directly from the people who are designing these implants and therefore these can be a great boost for medical practitioners in India.



The East – West MeRC Trust not only helps patients but has a multi-pronged approach of helping doctors and students in the country. We not only help students receive fellowships in the best hospitals abroad, but also help them fund their stay as well as all other expenses associated with their course. However, these are not the only upcoming medical practitioners that are looked after by our organization.
Back at home, we host a yearly conference and invite the most experienced surgeons and the most advanced implant companies from all over the world to share their innovative ideas and teach them to our youth.

Announcing the National Endoscopic Workshop in Spine (NEWS)!

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Organising Secretary

Dr. Vinod Agrawal

Dr. Agrawal is a spine and joint specialist in Mumbai, India. He has opened the first endoscopic spine center in Mumbai, India and is a leading expert in the field of Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Spine Surgery. He is also a founder of the East West MeRC Trust. His aim in founding the trust was to establish a line of communication between the Foreign and Indian orthopedic surgeons so that sharing of ideas and technology could take place for overall improvement in clinical care of spine surgery.

International Faculty 

Dr. Marcio Robertti Ramalho Da Cunha (BRAZIL)

■ Chairman of Neurosurgery Service Natal -RN

Brazilian National and International Faculty on Endoscopy

■ He is a Stalwart on Inter-laminar Decompression of spinal stenosis and Endoscopic Removal of Spinal Tumors

Dr. Masato Tanaka (JAPAN)

Vice-President of the Okayama Rousai Hospital  & Clinical Professor of Okayama University, Japan

■ AO Course - Chairman and Instructor

■ 79 National and International Publications on Spinal Pathology and Deformity Correction







Dr. Pornpavit Sriphirom (THAILAND)

 Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Head of Endoscopic Spine Unit, Center of Excellence, Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok

■ President and Chair of the 2nd and 6th ACMISST and the 3rd ASEANMISST

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