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Equality for all Patients

We believe that finances should not be the deciding factor of what treatment a patient gets. It is important to understand that every human life is important and they all deserve the best and latest techniques and implants that the medical community has to offer.

Sponsor Surgical Camps

We are proponents of organizing surgical camps for people of backward socio-economic classes who are in desperate need of medical attention. This involves pro-bono treatment offered by expert surgeons with the latest equipment and modern surgical techniques.

Promote Communication

Interaction and sharing of knowledge remains one of the hallmarks of scientific success for any country. We therefore promote communication between physicians & surgeons from India and leading experts in their fields.

Dr. Vinod Agrawal

Vinod Agrawal M.D.

Founder and Trustee

Ever since Dr. Agrawal had joined the M.B.B.S. course in Topiwala National Medical College, he was appalled by the medical treatment given to patients who came from socio-economically backward classes. He had decided at that moment that he would strive to make changes to the ideology with which patients are treated and wanted to take steps to ensure that all people would be entitled to the best treatment that the medical community had to offer. Hence, he established the East West MeRC Trust, in the spirit of equality and progress for all.

Dr. Neel Anand

Neel Anand M.D.

Co-Founder and Chief Advisor

Dr. Anand had completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in India before he migrated to the United States and decided to settle there. However, over time, Dr. Anand felt a compelling urge to give back to the community that he had left back at home. He had always had a charitable predisposition and connected very well with the ideology that has now become the foundation stone of this charitable trust. He has worked hard to garner American support for his cause and has worked hard towards the establishment of this organization.

Dr. Rekha Agrawal

Rekha Agrawal M.D.

Co-Founder and Trustee

Dr. Agrawal has always been an avid supporter or promoting equality with special reference to the medical sciences. She has attended countless medical camps to help other charitable organizations extend medical care to the people living in the rural areas. She is determined to ensure that there is no compromise on the care of the patient in need of medical attention.