Why Sponsor the Operative Spine Forum?

The Operative Spine Forum presents a unique opportunity for you to get your company on the map for orthopedic instrumentation and implants in India. With over 200 orthopedic surgeons as delegates that attend each year, the footfall of the conference can get very hectic and if your company has a booth at a premium location, you are sure to get a large number of people to see what exactly you have in store!
Besides these business opportunities, you will also have a clear conscience since you will be promoting a very noble cause. Your company will be supporting the free treatment of over 20 patients who are from very weak socio-economic backgrounds and desperately need surgical intervention.

To summarize, in this conference you will find over 200 upcoming orthopedic surgeons, the best spine surgeons from all over the country as faculty and one of the best spine surgeons from the United States. Only a amateur would pass off this golden opportunity to be on such a large platform.